Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc.

Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc.

Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc. was established in 1996. Since our inception, Columbia Basin has supported State, Federal, and private industry in helicopter spray, fertilizer, erosion prevention, forest fire fighting, and general utility lift work. Columbia Basins' pilots, maintenance technicians and support personnel are committed to safety, quality and integrity.

Aerial Spray Application All of Columbia Basin's helicopters are equipped for aerial spray applications. We are a production orientated aerial application company. All of our personnel are focused on providing safe, efficient, and effective results whether spraying for Medusahead/ cheatgrass control for sage-grouse habitat or providing aerial application services for local farmers. We utilize Tracmap DGPS to assist with swath guidance and boundary identification.

Ground Spray Application Columbia Basin utilizes a John Deere 4940 sprayer with a 120 foot boom, 52 inch underframe crop clearance with autoboom height, and GreenStar AutoTrac assisted steering system. The John Deere 4940 has many features to increase application accuracy and efficiency. The John Deere 4940 works well in conjunction with helicopter applications to spray in areas the helicopter is unable to reach such as under power lines.

Fertilizer/Seeding/Pheromone Flake Application Services Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc. is able to aerially apply product at ultra low volumes or up to 440 pounds per acre. Application systems vary from a 80 cubic foot bucket to a blower system capable of applying .5 pounds per acre. Tracmap DGPS swath guidance is always used with our application services.

Erosion Control Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc. is an industry leader in Natural Resource Restoration and Erosion Control. Columbia Basin has completed many straw mulching, seeding, hydromulching and herbicide application projects. We maintain good quality control throughout all aspects of aerial straw mulching; documentation of certified weed free straw, the use of Tracmap DGPS for boundary identification, daily production reports, and proper application coverage throughout the project. The same quality control measures are employed when we perform hydromulching, seeding, or herbicide projects.We are a certified small business with less than 7 million in annual revenue.

Fire Fighting Columbia Basin's Bell UH1H helicopters and Airtractor 802 fixed wing are U.S. Forest Service/ NBC "Carded." Our helicopters utilize SEI Bambi buckets, Torrentula Bucket, and the Isolair 323 gallon capacity fire fighting tank with hover fill.

Lift Services Columbia Basin performs lift services with our Bell UH1H and MD 500E helicopters. Our experienced production long line pilots allows us to set precision equipment whether in the siesmic, mining, or general construction industries.

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